jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

Laika & The Cosmonauts "Aburdistan"

Melodic instrumental rockular music with furious and atmospheric visual vibes. Handcrafted locally in Finland for universal audiences!Constantly influencing the instrumental evolution.

Very very Weird album, obviously Laika And The Cosmonauts is a rare surf band? what is your opinion?

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Brandonio! dijo...

I freakin' love this band and particularly this album. Though some will say this isn't technically surf per say and that's true in the sense of trad surf . You would be certainly right and a valid point would be made.That is exactly what i love about this it's so European weird and that's the kinda experience i expect from this band.This is also the album that the band opened and supported Ministry with on a tour of the US. This is such an amazing record. Get this NOW!!!!!

Unknown dijo...

No se si escribir en ingles o en español,pues veo los 2 idiomas en el blog,well,espero que me entiendas,solo queria darte las gracias por este disco,fue el 1º que escuche de los Cosmonauts y me gusto mucho,para mi es lo mejor que han hecho,no suelen gustarme demasiado los grupos instrumentales pues la mayoria aburren pero este disco es delicioso una maravilla que no cansa,lo dicho,gracias!