jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

The Quakes "Voice Of America"

The Quakes' second album - more neo-rockabilly than their first. This was recorded in Buffalo, NY.

The Quakes, they seem to be a great cocktail between the Stray Cats and rougher (faster) material, like that from the Guanabatz and Frantic Flintstones.
This album sets the precedent for the rest of the Quakes' albums, giving them their own distinctive sound. Paul Roman, the singer/guitarist, seems to have progressed in both his vocal and guitar abilities since the last record. There is less screaming and more singing overall, and the songs definitely benefit from this. Rob Peltier's bass playing is not to be overlooked, either. Together, these guys work really well, seeming to feed off of each other's energy.
Although there is not as much raw energy overall on Voice of America as on the first album, certain songs here really catch the spirit of the band. 'Stick to your guns', most definitely the highlight of the whole album, a call to arms for psychobillies to stay with their roots. Other high points of the album include kick ass versions of 'Paint it black' and 'All messed up' and an awesome song called 'Nuthin' goin' down'. Basically, this album rocks. Voice of America can hold its own among the best psychobilly albums out there. It has become something of a classic for most fans of psychobilly and neo-rockabilly." Texas Death

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