jueves, 2 de julio de 2009

HOI' POLLOI - same (USA melodic rock psych 1972) [Originally Custom Fidelity CFS 2899]

Este disco es cortesía de nuestro amigo Frumious Bandersnatch, quien me ha pedido expresamente, con buen criterio por otra parte, que el enlace fuera solo para "socios". Como no tenía ni "floguers" de la existencia de este grupo, os dejo los comentarios de Acid Archives.

Recently discovered melodic rock/s-sw/psych delight from students at Earlham College. Excellent songwriting, dreamy vocals and skillful arrangements combine to make for a trip with wide appeal, in contrast to the crude packaging. Somewhat similar to the Dialogue LP from PA, but really needs to be heard on its own merits. Side 1 is great from start to finish. Band member Charlie Bleak later had a minor hit and cut a solo LP for Pickwick in 1976. [PL]

Here's proof that great finds are still out there awaiting us. This is a truly excellent early 70s rock and roll album. Collectors may miss out on records like this because they lack any heaviness or fuzz guitar (though there are a few trippy sound effects here and there), but if you're looking for great songwriting, creative arrangements, reasonably complex chord progressions and solid performances this sure fits the bill. For a home production made by college students it sounds remarkably self-assured and rich. The keyboard-based soft-rock sound can be most closely compared to Dialogue, but this album is significantly better. Obvious (and admitted) influences are McCartney and LOW SPARK-era Traffic, with a bit of jazz and even flamenco thrown in unobtrusively. The occasional horn is used in a truly likeable way. The album starts very strong, and the best song, the moody "Old Bootstrap" comes early, but even the slightly lesser second side has plenty to offer. [AM]

Courtesy of Frumious Bandersnatch