viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2007

April March "Paris in April"


Como me encanta April March!!, este disco es uno de mis favoritos, ella es una chica californiana (su nombre real es Elinor Blake). April March se caracteriza por tener una voz calida, sensual pero a la vez burlona, que imprime a sus canciones, ¡ese sello de inocencia burlona!

La primera parte de este disco contiene canciones en ingles y la segunda parte integra versiones en Frances, como la tan conocida "Chick Habit" (Laisser Tomber Les Filles, popularizada por France Gall), April March se encarga de otorgarle al escucha la oportunidad de escuchar esta canción en dos idiomas Ingles y Frances, en lo particular me gusta más la versión en francés. La parte en frances del disco, se escucha mucho más sensual.


I love April March!!!, this record is one of my favorites, she is a californian girl, (his real name is Elinor Blake). April March is characterized for having a sensual and hot voice, but at the same time, her voice is derisive, that seal prints it in its songs ¡a derisive innocence!!
The first part of the album contains ingles version song, and the second part integrates frech version songs, like very known "Chick habit" (Laiser Tomber les Fillespopularized by france gall in the sixties). April March she takes charge of giving you the opportunity of listening the song in two different languages. To me is better the french version!!!! is more sensual!

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2007

Here aren't The Sonics " 23 South American bands play The sonics"

Siendo sincero, no me gustan mucho los tributos, por lo general, las bandas hacen versiones muy iguales de las canciones originales o de plano echan a perder la rola.

Pero este album se distingue del resto de los tributos, en primer lugar por estar en él bandas sudamericanas relativamente poco conocidas, y en segundo lugar por que la mayoría de los interpretes de estas rolas de los sonics, lograron hacer grandes versiones, todas caracterizadas por ese toque de trash rock& roll que tanto me gusta, es decir versiones sucias, ingeniosas y muy bien vocalizadas. Agregado a lo anterior, otro aspecto que hace particular este tributo es la gran cantidad de versiones vocalizadas por chicas, lo que le da un toque especial a este album y bastante interesante si de rolas de los sonics se trata.

En este disco tu puedes encontrar desde bandas tan importantes como Los Peyotes, Los Manganzoides, Thee Butchers´ Orchestra, Elio & Thee Horribles, The Tormentos, hasta bandas relativamente poco conoicidas como She Devils, The Hates, Fuzzfaces etc.
Compra este disco en Rastrillo Records Apoya a las bandas Locales!!!!
Being sincere, i don't like tribute albums, generally the bands do equal versions or outright destroy the original version, with a bad result, but this album is distinguished of others, in first time, because in it there are great south american garage bands few known; in second time, the mostly of bands achieved great versions, all of them characterized by that sound of trash rock & roll that so much like me, is to say, ingenious, dirty and well vocalized versions.
Aggregated to the previous thing, subtracts to say, another aspect that differentiates this album of the remainder, is the great quantity of versions sung by girls, which gives a special sound if songs of The Sonics we are talkin'.
In this album you'll find south american bands very known, like Los Peyotes, Los Manganzoidez, Thee Butchers Orchestra, Elio and The Horribles and The Tormentos, also you'll find a good few known bands like She Devils, The Hates, Fuzz faces etc.
Buy This Album in Rastrillo Records!!! Support the local bands

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Songs The Mummies Taught vol 1

Here some Songs that Mummies Taught................

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Some songs of Mama Guitar

Here a few song of Mama Guitar Served by:Dgrador
To thanks you can visit:
Thanks Dgrador,

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The Gruesomes "Gruesomology" (2003)

Here a collection of The Gruesomes among 1985 and 1989, this album contains 25 tracks, is the best of their discography contains songs of the following albums:
A-Billy 7"
Jack The Ripper EP (1986)
Tyrant Of Teen Trash (1986),
Gruesomania (1987)
Unchainced (1987)
Hey! (1988)
It Came From Canada Vol.1, (1985)
It Came From Canada vol.3, (1987)

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2007

The Troblemakers "Two Tracks"

This is a mysterious band (for me jeje), only recorded one album named:
"The Great Lost Trouble Makers Album" here: two tracks:

1. You Can't Blame That On Me
2. Get Out Of My Head

Grunnen Rocks
For Troublemakers

jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

Laika & The Cosmonauts "Aburdistan"

Melodic instrumental rockular music with furious and atmospheric visual vibes. Handcrafted locally in Finland for universal audiences!Constantly influencing the instrumental evolution.

Very very Weird album, obviously Laika And The Cosmonauts is a rare surf band? what is your opinion?

The Quakes "Voice Of America"

The Quakes' second album - more neo-rockabilly than their first. This was recorded in Buffalo, NY.

The Quakes, they seem to be a great cocktail between the Stray Cats and rougher (faster) material, like that from the Guanabatz and Frantic Flintstones.
This album sets the precedent for the rest of the Quakes' albums, giving them their own distinctive sound. Paul Roman, the singer/guitarist, seems to have progressed in both his vocal and guitar abilities since the last record. There is less screaming and more singing overall, and the songs definitely benefit from this. Rob Peltier's bass playing is not to be overlooked, either. Together, these guys work really well, seeming to feed off of each other's energy.
Although there is not as much raw energy overall on Voice of America as on the first album, certain songs here really catch the spirit of the band. 'Stick to your guns', most definitely the highlight of the whole album, a call to arms for psychobillies to stay with their roots. Other high points of the album include kick ass versions of 'Paint it black' and 'All messed up' and an awesome song called 'Nuthin' goin' down'. Basically, this album rocks. Voice of America can hold its own among the best psychobilly albums out there. It has become something of a classic for most fans of psychobilly and neo-rockabilly." Texas Death

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

The Registrators "Terminal Boredom"

Here a great japanese rock&roll band, like Teengenerate, or The Jetboys, this album was release by Rip Off Records, of Greg Lowery Supercharger legend. Good album great energy and power.


lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Les Sexareenos "14 Frenzied Shakers"

The second album of this great garage trashy band, this record is like a continuation of his first album "Live! In The Bed".
Les Sexareenos is a canadian band, two of them members (Bridge Mixture & Colonel Lingus) were in other band: "The Spaceshits", but they decided to form other project: Les Sexareenos with:

Colonel Lingus: bass, vocals
Choyce: guitar, vocalsNoamnm
Rumnyun: drums, vocals'Work With Me'
Annie: farfisa, vocals
Édouard Larocque: appears on "Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Uncle Willy)".

At the first, this album was recorded by themselves in Montreal with a friend, they tried to recorded with a guy that recorded great garage cult bands like The Sonic and The Wailers, The Kingsmen, but don't work it, but the guy was crazy and them don`t play so good. At the end they decided record the album in Seattle.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

The Monsters "The Hunch"

Here something about of Lightning Beat-Man, enjoy......

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2007

The Glamour Pussies "Pretty Little Queen"

The Glamour Pussies are a good garage punk trash rock& roll band, this femmes from San Francisco, California. This pussies are a good mix of sexy, raw, crude fast and furious rock & roll.

This girls are a sexy sadist group, see them alive is the better spectacles than you can see, they leave to setting you dressed with lenceria exotic, they rise to setting dressed with exotic lingerie, show us their female attributes WOAW!.
The band are formed by Terra Newastle vocals (also Known like "Tigger le Twang"),
Rosie Areola: Guitar
Anita Gellaide: bass
and Wansum Poontang: drums.

Las Glamour Pussies es una gran banda de garage punk ruidoso y agresivo. Estas bellas chicas proceden de San Francisco California, hacen una excelente mezcla de crudo rápido y furioso rock & roll.
Adémas de que son un sexy sadista grupo, verlas en vivo es un espectáculo que no te puedes perder, ellas suben al escenario vestidas con lenceria exótica que muestra sus bellos atributos femeninos. Wow!
La banda esta formada por Terra Newastle en la voz (también conocida como Tigger le Twang), Rosie Areola en la guitarra, Anita Gellaide en el bajo y Wansum Poontang en la batería.

martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

Thundrecrack "The crack"

Heey...una de la mejores bandas del llamado movimiento Blues Punk, al igual que los Immortal Lee County Killers o Zen Guerrilla, estos trash blues boys, si que le pegan al rock & roll, basta con que escuchen "Cheap Cosmetics" para que hagan de esta banda una de sus favoritas.Aprovechando el viaje, me da mucho gusto leer sus comentarios.
Me llena de gran satisfacción, saber que en todo el globo hay gente que le sigue gustando el rock& roll con gran pasíon al igual que a mí, lo cual me motiva a seguir de subversivo apoyando la musica independiente, pues al igual que ustedes creo que la música debe de tener una justa retribución y no ser presa del lucro, como lo es ahora, eso lo podemos ver actualmente en los medios de comunicación masiva en donde los grupos mierda como U2, Coldplay, o Radiohead se benefician de esta situación (y lo pero es que se dicen filantropos ¡por el amor de dios, el mundo sí que esta de cabeza!, pura pantalla!! son unos hijos de puta que les gusta vivir con privilegios y comodamente de la música).En fin a seguir disfrutando de la buena música, por que opciones si hay, lo que no hay es difusión.

Hey i post a new Band, it's stuff is blues punk, Thundercrack as the same as Immortal Lee County Killers & Zen Guerrilla, but this trash blues boys are truly the best, great band.

In other matter, i'm very happy to read your comments, is very satisfactory to know other persons like me, in Mexico there is not many people that like rock & roll, and the mayority that like rock & roll are posers!!! dumbs! they haven't passion.

because there are musical options, what there is not is diffusion!!!................We Will keep talking bout' Rawk & Roll...........and never Stop!!!
1 Intro 2. Cheap Cosmetics 3. Big Fat Lady 4. ES 125 5. Get My Money Back 6. Mature Women 7. Fallin' Of The Log 8. Fighting Weight 9. Hide My Head In The Sand 10. Try By Train 11. Old Time Kentucky 12. Outro

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

"The's "Bomp The Twist" & "Teenage Mojo Workout""

Jackie & The Cedrics

Contiene 9 canciones repartidas en dos vinilos (7") transparentes, Comienzan con "Moovin'n''groovin'", una guitarra y unas chanclas con tacón cubano, no necesitas nada más para disfrutar de este temazo instro!.
Tras ésta, la archiversioneada "Let's dance", pero con un toque muy personal... como muy acelerado.
Pasamos con "Low hide", y es que con este instro siempre te dan ganas de lanzarte por la 101 a todo lo que da tu Mustang descapoteibal!-.Acto seguido toca bajar las pulsaciones hasta casi llegar al coma proifundo con "Scorpion stroll"Cogemos el siguiente vinilo para adentrarnos son compasión a través de "El Conquistadoer" otro instrumental chancletoflecoidal de pitillos lisérgicos, con un toque hispánico. Acto seguido nos encomiamos a terrenos arabescotarantínicos con "Ali Baba".
Por último un temazo instrumental llamado "Banzai diamond head", tras éste, "Get a little", que es tema que más nos acerca el r'n'r más clásico y explosivo y para dar carpetazo a este set vinílico, nada mejor que "Brown eyed handsome man", donde bailan hasta los macarrones de casa!
Los culpables:
Rockin Enocky,
Rockin' Jelly Bean
y Jackie-T-Bird.
El track list:1- Moovin'n''groovin' 2- Let's dance 3- Low hide 4- Scorpion stroll 5- El conquistadoer 6- Ali Baba 7- Banzai Diamond Head 8- Get a little 9- Brown eyed handsome man

The Kaisers

The Kaisers are a good garage beat band, but sometimes the band sounds too much garage punk, along the record there are songs that recall to Thee Milkshakes, and The Kravin' As (that I believe)...........anyway enjoy

The Makers S/T

Just when you thought you knew The Makers...This is their world through cat eyes, a rock 'n roll resurrection beyond all expectation. The Makers have been to the crossroads and returned with 13 shining jewels reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, Stax records, Richard Hell and The Kinks, yet undeniably, Makers. Estrus Records proudly presents The Makers' fifth full-length LP/CD "Psychopathia Sexualis". Recorded by Jack Endino and Mike Maker, "Psychopathia Sexualis" is a titillating torture-tonic of sex-mad soul music, betrayal, and degenerate guitar-lust. This is music for abused children and tormented adults, the wild and the sexually damaged. The world doesn't want you, so invite The Makers into your heart and let them guide you on a greater path. This is your last chance to live again, to rise above the masses, to stand up, and begin again! All songs written and performed by The Makers.

The Mortals "Ritual Dimension of Sound"

The Mortals are a Cincinnati (Ohio) band that was already playing garage-rock in 1989, when the genre's revival was still to come. Their no-frills approach makes
In this album are Twelve full-on doses of pure rawk and roll power! "Ritual" is the band's debut album and is chockful of loud twisted guitars...great "Dennyesque" cover art by Art Chantry and Chris Cooper!

The Fuzztones "Braindrops"

Another great one of Fuzztones

Roy Orbison "Rocker"

Supercharger "Supercharger"

Supercharger LP/CD (Estrus, 1997, ES 1240)
Trashy lo-fi three chord budget rock (im)perfection at it’s best from "America’s worst Rock ‘n’ Roll band-ever!"...the OFFICIAL reissue of the semi-legendary self-released debut complete with two bonus tracks resurrected from the original sessions!

Trashy, Lo-fi, rawk & roll económico de tres acordes, la imperfeccion de la ¿La Peor Banda de Rock & Roll de USA? jajajaja, NO, CLARO QUE NO. Esos que creen que para ser una buena banda hay que sonar bonito y bien ecualizado y tener cero imaginación, que aburridos!!!!!
Aqui la reedicción oficial de la presentación auto editada, semi-legendaria y completa de varios temas, con dos vestigios resucitados de las sesiones originales.

The Fuzztones "Salt For Zombies"

The infamous Fuzztones are back with the most blistering, raw, punked-and-psyched-out album i`ve heard in a long time, "Salt For Zombies" is their first studio release in 13(!) years. Rudi and Batlord spent about 9 months mixing the new opus. The end result is a skilfully constructed, fuzz-drenched sonic excess that continues the best traditions of the amazing Lysergic Emanations LP. Every track is full of maniac guitar riffing, raunchy monster fuzz, tribal drums, swirling combo organ and mind- blowing lead vocal.

The album serves up a fantastic mix of mostly obscure `60-s covers and original tunes. Every cover, however, sounds like originally written: that special treatment Fuzztones give a song when covering it produces a geniune blend of punky "evil" energy, sinister voodoo trippiness and stunningly authentic `60-s feel.

Tribute to Sam The Sam & The Pharaos

Sam The Sam & The Pharaos, great band of the a go go's time, in my country this band is recalled by many, many people, because other great mexican 60's rock & roll band: The Rockin' Devils was cover "Wolly Bully" (in spanish "Bule bule", like to does Rudy 'Tutti' Grayzell y Los A-Bones in the track 26).

In this record you can find, many of the most representative bands of the garage punk scene like The A-Bones, Hasil Adkins, The Lyres, Untamed Youth, Jackie & The Cedrics, The Fleshtones, The Hentchmen, Teengenerate, etc.

The Zodiac Killers

Another great project of Mr. Greg Lowery's, Like Supercharger, The Rip Offs, The Infections.

Garage punk is characterized for being one of the few musical genres that worry very much by how do they sound for the people and of course for them same than other musical genres like Progresive rock or Jazz where its musicians worry more by the composition, the complexity and execution difficulty of their song more than by if are catchy rhythms or not.
Mr. Greg Lowery NOT, he is worried by if his song are catchy, trashy crude and raw, in Zodiac Killers he have been searching that songs of this record was fast, agresive and catchy, and he achieved (i think so)
He ask you if your favorite band is punk or not:
You only must answer this simple test:
1)¿the band plays (or has played) before 200 people or more?
2)¿his guitar solos last more than 20 seconds?
3)¿Someboy of the members of this band has beard or any kind of hair in the face?
4)¿someday, this band has recorded a record in that ugly label named, Mans Ruin?
5)¿The band is named by themselves punk rock, but they are any shit like The Adams Wests?
6)¿The band likes to Roger Estrada, and the band is is mentioned in ipunkrock forums?
Roger Estrada is a lover of the music that him likes to balance passion and criterion writing in
Aqui les presento otra gran banda del Señor Greg Lowery, como Supercharger, The Rip Offs o The Infections.
El garage punk es uno de los pocos generos que se preocupan mucho en como suenan para la demás gente (también para la banda que lo toca obviamente) a diferencia de otros generos musicales (como el progresivo o el jazz) en donde se privilegia la composición, la complejidad y la dificultad en la ejecución, más que, en sí una canción es pegadiza o no.
Greg Lowery es un ejemplo de lo que realmente hace el garage: preocuparse porque las canciones sean pegadizas (sin que se caiga en el absurdo y en lo burdo que resulta grabar o componer mierda pop claro esta!), pues el garage (que es en sí rock&roll) se caracteriza por ser contagioso y pegadizo.
En los Zodiac Killers el señor Lowery buscaba que sus canciones fuesen rapidas, agresivas y pegadizas o contagiosas, y creo que lo logró ¿que opinan ustedes?
Asi mismo Greg Lowery te hace este sencillisimo test para saber si el grupo que te gusta es punk rock o no:
1)¿el grupo que dice que es punk toca delante de mas de 200 personas?
2)¿tiene solos de guitarra de más de 20 segundos?
3)¿alguno de los componentes del grupo tiene barba o algún variante de pelo en la cara?
4)¿Ha sacado alguna vez un disco en ese sello montruoso que ya no existe, Mans Ruin?
5)¿Dice el grupo que es punk rock, pero son cualquier mierda rock como los “Adam West”?
6)¿Le gusta el grupo a Roger Estrada, y hablan de él en los foros de ipunkrock?
Nota: Roger Estrada es un amante de la música que le gusta equilibrar pasión y criterio escribiendo en IPUNKROCK:
Si has contestado afirmativamente a algunas de estas preguntas es que tu actitud no es punk, es una pose, como Roger Estrada! ESPERO SUS COMENTARIOS

The Fuzztones "In Heat"

For all Fuzztones fans, another great of this Band

"The Fuzztones "Lysergic Ejaculations"

Contiene 22 canciones. La carpeta se abre, dejando ver en su interior un gran collage de fotos bastante curiosas. Las fundas del disco también tienen su decoración particular.Se echan en falta algunas canciones míticas, pero también es cierto que contiene auténticas bombas como "In heat", "Be a caveman", "It came in the mail", "99th floor", "She's wicked", "Psychotic reaction" o "Strychnine".Los culpables:Jake Cavaliere, Phil Arriagada, Chris Harlock, Mike Czekaz y Rudi Protrudi.
El track list:1- Intro2- In heat 3- I never knew 4- Try it 5- My little red book 6- Be a caveman 7- Look for the question mark 8- It came in the mail 9- Romilar D 10- Rari 11- Shape of theings to come 12- All the king's horses 13- Love at a psychedellic velocity 14- Epitaph for a head 15- Have love, will travel 16- 99th floor 17- She's wycked 18- Boss hoss 19- Psychotic reaction 20- No friend of mine 21- You burn me up and down 22- Strychnine

"The Cramps "The Secret Life of The Cramps""

A very, very rare album, in this record you can find good Cramps versións of classical rock & roll songs, like Blue Moon, Get off the road, Jelly roll rock and my favorite cramp version song of "I walked Night".

"Bo Diddley "Rare & Well Done""

Bo Diddley, Bo The Generator, Bo and his square guitar, oh men good, good

Eternally Yours "24 Bands play The Saints"

One of the first records that i have of The Saints. I did not know anything about The Saints, but thanks to this record i began to interest me for this great band. Of Course everyone who likes punk rock, necessarily must have listened to this great australian band.

I dare to say that The Saints is one of the better punk rock bands that have existed, like Ramones, The Buzzcocks, Damned, The Clash, Minor Threat or any cult band that seventies ends and principles of the eightys.
In this album you can listening a lots of goods punk rock, garage punk and trashe bands. Enjoy...........
Demolition Girl - Nomads [Sweden]
Wild About You - Scratch Bongowas [US]
Lost & Found - Phantom Rats [Japan]
Big Hits On The Underground - Challenger 7 [Australia]
Run Down - Mono Men [US]
Know Your Product - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors [Germany]
Orstralia - Bazooka [Sweden]
Private Affair - Safety Pins [Spain]
Messin' With The Kid - Jeff Dahl [US]
Do The Robot - Spent Idols [US]
Kissin' Cousins - The Lunkheads [UK]
L-I-E-S - Onyas [Australia]
No Time - Pussy Crush [UK]
Lipstick On Your Collar - Switch Trout [Japan]
Story Of Love - Bittersweets [Norway]
I'm Stranded - Fifi & The Mach 3 [Japan]
Wild About You - Basement Brats [Norway]
One Way Street - Gamma Men [US]
Erotic Neurotic - X-Rays [UK
(I'm) Misunderstood - Nashville Pussy [US]
This Perfect Day - Sator [Sweden]
Nights In Venice - Bellrays [US]
Everything's Fine - Ed Kuepper [Australia]
Demolition Girl - Campus Trampus [UK]

Thee Phantom 5ive "Do The Doom Dom (1998)"

SERVED BY LIMBURG............Thanks man very apreciatted your work.Enjoy.........

On a particular unremarkable day in Nashville, TN, Thee Phantom 5ive were rehearsing in an abandoned school bus when a tornado came crashing by, thus sucking the battered bus into its hellish funnel. Moments later, the bus was spat out onto a barren field with all members deliriously unconscious. During the minutes of unconsciousness, the band was visited by the spirits of former surf pioneers where the message was given to "go forth and procreate." No. That's not right. They said "go forth and create spine-tingling surf music."

Hence, in a dimension near you comes Thee Phantom 5ive made up of four guys on a mission to corrupt the cochleae of the earth. Forming sometime around 1992-ish (there was a bit of debate on what actually constituted a cohesive-formed band) a warped sense of surf music was born out of said abandoned, and now tornado-strickened school bus with the blessings of immortal spirits.

Pumped up on massive amounts of reverb, the group has brought forth five 7" EPs, contributed tracks to numerous compilations including tribute albums to Dick Dale, The Trashmen and Link Wray. They have performed with The Cramps, Link Wray, The Woggles, Southern Culture on the Skids, Man Or Astroman?, Morphine, Sonny Burgess and many more.

Thee Phantom 5ive's most recent offering is their debut full length CD title "Do The Doomdom ...and other hi-rise hymns" on Misprint Records. It's the follow-up to the "Road Rage" 7" on Misprint Records released in 1998 which garnered much attention. The Continental said about the music, "These guys may not know how to speak, but man do they know how to play a mean rawk n' roll instrumental!" In the meantime, the band continues to fry up hard-edged spy surf guaranteed to leave a welp the size of Texas on your cranium.

1. Road Rage 2. Cincinnati Rag 3. 4-Bolt Main 4. 2,000 lb. Bee 5. Nuages 6. Banzai Pipeline 7. Hypoxia 8. DoomDom 9. Surf Softly 10. Cuban Getaway 11. Randy Lynn Rag 12. Buey 5 13. Ginza Lights 14. Crash 15. Show Stoppah 16. Jeopardized

The Donnas " The Donnas"

The Donnas "Turn 21"


The Drags "Stop Rock & Roll"

Stop Rock & Roll LP/CD (Estrus) either green or black vinyl.
One of my favorite garage punk bands, The Drags is one of the most representative bands in garage scene in USA, is a fact that The Drags have contributed in great measure to build the lo-fi concept in garage punk. They are two boys and one girl that have achieved a good mixture of punk with rock & roll, loud, furious, crude and catchy. They was born to rock!!!!!!!!

Good band good music.........enjoy

Una de mis bandas favoritas de Lo-fi. Sin duda Los Drags son y han sido una de las bandas más representativas de la escena de garage en Estados Unidos, yo creo que bandas con buen gusto musical que actualmente estan saliendo como Wau y los Arrrghs, o The Staggers (por ejemplo), deben mucho a bandas como Los Drags, pues sin ellas hubiese sido dificil imaginar este tipo de rock & roll. Los Drags son dos chicos y una chica que han logrado aportar una muy buena mezcla de punk con rock & roll, fuerte, furioso, crudo y pegajozo, pocas bandas pueden jactarse de ello, Los Drags son una de ellas. Ellos nacieron para rockanrollear!!!!!!!
Disfruten una buena banda y su buena musica.

1. Bacon Striptease 2. Who's Got The Electricity 3. Explosives 4. Iron Curtain Rock 5. Tastes Like Poison 6. Anti Satisfaction 7. Private Eye 8. Leopard Skin 9. Not So Good Luck Charm 10. Conspiracy 11. Cannible 12. Siento Muy Bien

The Quadrajets "Alabama Hip Shake"

At present is more known to The Immortal Lee County Killers that The quadrajets, which is a previous band formed by guitarist Chetley "Cheetah" Weise (formerly of Quadrajets) and drummer Doug "the Boss" Sherrard.
Auburn, Alabama's The Quadrajets roar out of the Deep South like a raucous, grime-encrusted rock and roll monster that's going to grab you by the throat and shake you out of your complacent musical daze.
The band takes a classic two-guitar/bass/drums setup, and explodes into spastic full-throttle hyperdrive like a freight train out of control. Singer the Cheetah's preacher-on-purple-hearts vocals and bluesy harmonica make the band's Southern-fried punk rock that much more delightfully nasty. The 'Jets -- currently comprised of the Cheetah, bassist Catfish Plate, drummer J.R.R. Tokken, and guitarists Roman Hardwick P.I. and Jerome J. Jerome -- have weathered the loss of almost as many drummers as Spinal Tap in making their Blue Cheer-influenced whiskey- and amphetamine-fueled mayhem over the last half-decade. They've put out four full-lengths during that time, including 2000's When the World's on Fire, featuring "All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead" and "Light Speed Kings."

Jesse Ashlock
Los Quadrajets es una banda formada por un miembros de otra gran agrupación del denomidado genero "Blues-punk": Los Immortal Lee County Killers, Chetley "Cheetah" Weise (miembro de Los Quadrajets) and drummer Doug "the Boss" Sherrard.

Desde Auburn Alabama sale un rugido procedente de los estados del sureste de norteamerica. La mugre incrustó el monstruo del rock and roll que te agarrá por la garganta y te sacude de tu aturdimiento musical complaciendo se así mismo.

Los Quadrajets es una banda de dos guitarras bajo y batería, que estalla en el espástico a toda marcha del hyperdrive como un tren de carga fuera de control. Cheetah es el vocalistal cantante y encargado de la armónica de los corazones púrpuras, y de blues que hace punk sureño y le da a la banda ese sonido maravillosamente sucio.
Escuchen a esta gran banda...........y disfruten de más rawk & roll.

The Quadrajets "When The Worlds On Fire""

The Quadrajets Woah!