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LES SEXAREENOS! Live! In The Bed - 2000 (REQUEST)

Pocas veces todo el mundo estuvo de acuerdo:

"It says in their Press Kit about the album, 'Every song is a killer!'. Boy, they ain't kidding! Incredible songwriting, energy and production make this LP an absolute winner. Songs that throw you on your feet and then shake your ass for you! Lots of soul and pure rock'n'roll a la LOUIE LOUIE make 'Live! In the Bed' a record that questions the 'rock' resurgence, embracing the best of the 50's and 60's at once for a potent party punch! One of the best of the year."
Move It UK on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Soul Party! Born from the ashes of the Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos are the rock'n'roll sensations of Montreal. This very festive debut album shows their love of soul music. These 14 songs of rock'n'soul, lead by a crazy organ and an unbreakable rhythm section, are a real achievement and an incitement to have a party and dance till you drop. Don't pass aside this really cool album!"
SDZ France on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Bands like The Sonics and The Wailers used to make music like this. The only band that's even come close in recent years has been The Mummies, but Les Sexareenos have something more to them. Great production on the album and energy abound make this album one of THE BEST party albums of the last 20 years. You have 50's flavored juke-joint shakers, 60's ravers, soul-styled stompers, Louie Louie barn-stormers and garage punkers all together on one album! With three different singers, the thing plays like an ABOVE AVERAGE compilation. If you don't buy this album, you're an asshole!"
Shakin' All Nite on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Yeah Honey! This CD has got to be the most fun I've had listening to records all month! If you can picture The Sonics and The Spaceshits in a jamboree, you'll have Les Sexareenos. The organ, guitars, drums and saxophone all come together in a beautiful rock'n'roll chef d'oeuvre. If you like the rock and or roll, you'll be purchasing this CD today."
Blank Generation on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Wow! This band is absolutely brilliant - they play raw, savage beat music that mixes The Mummies, The Wildebeests and mid 60's garage rock. Most of the tunes on this fourteen-track CD are originals, yet the melodies sound very familiar. They have a knack of taking bits from great songs of the past and injecting them with a near lethal dose of Sexareenos energy and swagger."
Continental Magazine on 'Live! In the Bed'

"PARTY!! Les Sexareenos are a band from Canada that play songs that make you dance all night. A few songs are slower. Those songs make you want to fuck. Very sexy. These guys could probably make any show a crazy party by just playing a song or two and drinking beer! What ever happened to good music like this? Is everybody into Heavy Metal now? Give me The Swinging Neckbreakers, The Sonics, The Mummies and Les Sexareenos and lots of alcohol and I will live forever! Everybody Sexareeno!"
Blackout! Italy on 'Live! In the Bed'

"'Live! In the Bed' proves that LES SEXAREENOS are one of the best contemporary garage bands looming around these days. Fast ravers (reminiscent of the Sonics, only with an organ) with good sound production make this album one of the best purchases of the year. Lots of energy and more energy at high volumes should make everybody dance all night, even after this disc has quit playing."
Timeless Gods on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Word is long since out among neo-garage fans that this Canadian band is one of the current leaders of the pack, and this LP indeed delivers in a sufficiently crazed but intelligible form that it won't disappoint any of the fans made on their US tour of earlier this year. The title might sound like something that didn't translate too well from Canadese (or French at any rate), but the music translates just fine even from those exotic Northern climes (sic)."
MaximumRocknRoll on 'Live! In the Bed'

"The debut slab from these French Canadian fuckers is what sex is alla 'bout! 'Everybody Sexareeno!' is just what you've been waiting for since the fall of the MUMMIES. With that same old 'Louie, Louie' riff, but a whole new set of testicles sewn on. Includes 2 songs not on the Sympathy LP, one being a great version of 'Leave Me Alone' by the KNAVES. Look out Colonel Sanders, Colonel Lingus is in the house! AND Live! In the Bed LP (Sympathy). The rug-cuttin' album of the Summer! Chicks fall for it like a tequila slumber party. A perfect mix of the best elements of the DEADLY SNAKES, MUMMIES, SPACESHITS and SONICS that will have you replaying it and screaming along repeatedly. This features the bass player from the DAYLIGHT LOVERS, 'the Warden', on guitar (as Choyce) and Mark from the Spaceshits on bass (as Colonel Lingus!). Of course, that pumpin' organ (mine, of course!) is played by 'Work With Me' Annie! Holy shit, we've got a real winner here. These guys are the epitome of SEX & ROCK'N ROLL!"
Horizontal Action on 'Finger Party!' and 'Live! In the Bed'

"First off, this isn't a 'live' recording, per se; no audience ambiance, between song chatter or poorly mixed songs. Second, it is god awesome, hard driving, garage damaged, adrenalized rock and roll manna in or out of bed!! Three of the four barely controlled maniacs are also in the Spaceshits which goes a long way toward explaining why this sounds so fucking brilliant. The fourth member, 'Work With Me' Annie, adds the organ grind that gives a frat edge to this otherwise straight ahead, in your face dose of 50's/60's groove meets right now. Like the aforementioned Canadian wild men, Les Sexareenos mix elements of all the killer diller, early 60's, Pacific Northwest rockers with a pinch more salsa caliente to come up with a fun, fast and furious dance party. Fourteen exciting cuts including 'Hey Now! Hey Now!', 'Low Low Low', 'Wild Wild Wild' and a number of less repetitive titles. They are one of the bigger draws for me at this summer's Las Vegas Grind. Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo"
Garage and Beat! on 'Live! In the Bed'

" ...Montreal's wildest bunch of kids, LES SEXAREENOS! I haven't been able to keep up with all the records Sympathy has been putting out lately, but the cover of LES SEXAREENOS' LP grabbed my eye. Bright orange, red and green, done up like an old poster screaming for kids to come to a wild show by JAMES BROWN or someone just as nuts. Well, the cover only hints at the fun inside. If you've been missing the crazed fun of the MUMMIES, you must check out this LP! They've got the carefree, lampshade-on-the-head rock'n'roll sound down better than any band since, well, the MUMMIES hung it up. I can't stop listening to this record. They aren't as no-fi and trashy as the MUMMIES, but absolutely convey the same out-of-control energy. That's why LES SEXAREENOS win and so many other bands fucking lose. Drop the needle on this record and you've got an instant party in your bedroom. You'll be standing on your bed, dancing, doing the fucking twist and shimmy and then go fucking nuts shaking your ass. And those of you jaded snobs out ther saying, 'Been there, done that,' go back to putting Preparation H on your hemorrhoids, take out your dentures and get to bed. The kids are gonna party the night away!!! I could just spend my whole column writing about this record. It'd be worth it. Thank you Long Gone, yet again."
MaximumRocknRoll on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Local rockers, some formerly of the Spaceshits, blast out with a very high-energy debut. Compared to the afforementioned 'Shits, this material goes beyond the three-chord punky stuff into a new realm that includes rhythm and blues and Farfisa organs. Unlike the retro-rock bands which, at first glance, one might associate them with, these guys manage to make something new out of the well-picked vintage ingrediants they draw on. Their anthem, "Everybody Sexareeno!" puts the fifties dance crazes into soul boots and then churns it out with 77 punk energy. The energy never leaves this album, either, making it my personal favourite lately for listening to while getting ready to go out. It holds together so well, you just wish it went on a little longer. Anyone interested in real heavy rockin from today or from the 50's and 60's will want to check this out."
Fish Piss on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Ca c'est le disque fun de l'année. Une ambience bordellique saine (non sans rappeler celle des Dukes of Hamburg), du garage beat fait pour la danse, des chansons stupides pour se trémousser, un esprit punk évident, des influences dans la creuset garage punk habituel, un peu de soul, mais surtout de bonnes effleuves de Sam the Sham qui remontent, rajoutez à ça une pochette terrible. Bref ce groupe est la révélation garage americaine de l'année, et a la particularité d'être canadien (Montreal). On y trouve d'ex Spaceshits, ce qui expliquerait pourquoi ça déménage de la sorte, et ils ont enregistré cette bombe à Detroit avec Jim Diamond. C'est du pillage tout du long (2 covers seulement) et c'est ça qui est bon, car ils fonta avec une telle énergie et on entend qu'ils s'amusent. On devrait entendre parler d'eux bientôt, car même si leur petit tour européen est tombé a l'eau, ils devraient remettre ça bientôt et voir ça sur scène doit être assez terrible, tant leur musique et leur folie semblent communicatives. Idem côté disques, puisque les rumeurs annoncent que Billy Childish, Alex Chilton et Mick Collins seraient présentis pour les enregistrer. Un EP doit d'ailleurs être sorti à cette heure."
Larsen Magazine France on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Hailing from Montreal, Canada's Les Sexareenos got it all!! From the ashes of the Spaceshits came this monster of a group, capable of turning any dull party into a state of dance-a-rama! That's right kids, you heard me! DANCE-A-RAMA!! What we got here is a 14 track winner of an album! 14 tracks, and not a weak song in sight!! Goddamn, I haven't been this excited about a new release for a really long time. Maybe it's because this album combines the ingrediants I prefer in my daily diet of rock'n'roll!! It stems from the proud tradition of "North-West" fratrock and the party sound of The Sonics, Kingsmen, and The Wailers. It contains elements of soul. It's drenched in Farfisa. Has the attitude of a garageband outa '65, full of snotty vocals and guts. It's about having a good time, all the time! That's the reason why I'll place Les Sexareenos in the same catagory as such fine bands as The Brentwoods, The Mummies, and Supercharger. They remind me of all the best that has been in garage music, but thru their approach, they add their own unlike twist! The sound is one of the things that elevates this album above many of today's garage releases. It was recorded at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit by Jim Diamond! ("Live in Mr Diamond's Bed?!?!) And yet again, the studia succeeds in "producing" a raw and authentic sounding album. Kinda the same lo-fi sound as The Mummies, just a bit more defined. I think it would be unfair to accentuate some of the songs on this killer album, cause they are all standout stompers. Therefore I'd like to applaud the artwork instead. The artwork makes this album not only a treat for your ears and your dancingpartner, but also your eyes!! This vintage-style cover tells you more than any press release ever will. It tells you what time it is! And Brothers and sisters you better believe me, when I tell you it's time to get ill. "Everybody Sexareeno!" Only one thing to complain about. Sympathy for the Record Industry should have put a warning sticker on each and every album, cause this album sure is contagious!!"
Deadbeat Magazine Denmark on 'Live! In the Bed'

"Sometimes you just know it. You get a disc in the mail and you plop it in. The first song rips like a bastard. The next song makes you wanna get up and dance. The third one has you bashing the shit out all the furniture in your apartment. By the fourth song, your neighbors are calling the police. And on and on and on. You know you've just discovered a red-hot disc by a red-hot new band. That's the case with Les Sexareenos. These three guys and gal play the kind of trash'n'garage'n'roll you never thought you'd hear again since the Mummies broke up. You art fags need not apply to this party, but if you do, Les Sexareenos will leave your uptight ass burning harder than your worst attack of hemorrhoids. They play loud, they play trashy, they make a windstorm of fuckin'rock'n'roll noise, they beat their instruments to shit, they rock like hell song after song after song! There is no letup here! Not one bad song either! This is a disc that announces that it's special right when the first song comes blasting out. If it don't leave you yellin' out one 'FUCK YEAH!' after another, go fuck yourself to see if you're even alive anymore. Easily (and automatically) one of the top discs of 2000. Makes me almost hopeful for the new millennium. "
Noises From the Garage on 'Live! In the Bed'

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