martes, 26 de febrero de 2008

The Astronauts "The big sound of The Astronauts"

Do you remember one album of Johnny And The Hurricanes named The big Sound of....????

Well, here a 45' but from The Astronauts, this gems contains 4 tracks that The Astronauts covered to Johnny and The Hurricanes enjoy..... Ripped by Vinyl!!!!!!!

¿Recuerdan un disco de Johnny And The Hurricanes llamado The Big Sound of....????. Bueno aqui les dejo un 45 pero de The Astronauts, esta joya contiene 4 tracks que Los Astronauts coverean a Johnny And The Hurricanes, disfrutenlo. Rippeado de un vinil!!!!

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Anónimo dijo...

Brandonio! dijo...

cool find've been busy lately. Keep up the good work buddy.

Exeter dijo...

I only recently came upon this item myself!
But the group is NOT the Astronauts from
Colorado USA, but the Astronauts from
GERMANY, who had releases on the PINUP
label, such as "Lost in Space"-10" and "War
of the Saucermen" -10" and the "Rocket to
Europe Tour" 7" EP, shared with the Phantom Surfers.

Mr. Trashe dijo...

Interesting, i Didn't knowa that, i believe that this band really was the famous Astronauts.

Thanks for the info.