martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

Man Or Astroman? Made From Technetium

Cutting away some of their kitsch tendencies, Man or Astro-man? turned in a tough, muscular ninth album with Made From Technetium. The surf and spy influences have been de-emphasized in favor of a harder approach that still reverberates with pop-culture references. The difference results in a record that remains raw and invigorating, even when the group runs out of memorable riffs.
Taken from: Lib Bar Originals

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Brandonio! dijo...

Great post John, Even though I have this OF COURSE it good to see Man Or Astroman? promoted as much as possible. Oh by the way I reposted "Your Weight On The Moon" on my site. keep up the good work buddy.

ladypuaj dijo...

Qué buena banda.
Pasate por acá
sube solo bandas chilenas para que te entretengas, tengo algunos discos de amigxs espero subirlos pronto, Saludos John Trashe!!!

Anónimo dijo...

thanks for this great astro-piece - space on , man !