lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Madame X

If you gonna have listen to Madame X
Para los que se quedaron con ganas de escuchar a Madame X

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Brandonio! dijo...

A very good record Trashe, Madame X was at times backed up by instro band Impala.Big Daddy Jay from the Royal Pendletons also did some recording with them. I believe they have a record that was never released also. The best Madame X song is "Nobody Loves you like me"on the Estrus Flaming Burnout comp.If you haven't heard it, you have to. My ex-girlfriend Jenny Wells used to sing this song in our band. Well at practices anyway. I got to admit we did a pretty good job on the song too.

Anónimo dijo...

Very interesting, what's is tahe name of your band?

i`ll like very much your band!!!!!

Brandonio! dijo...

anonimo ,were in the middle of re-forming and haven't decided on a new band name as of yet. Though Lectible ( the Guitarist)is going to be posting some of his music on our site(Rock Is Dead/R.I.P.)very soon so be on the lookout.

BenT dijo...

I like Madame X's cover of Mad Monster Party. if you like Madame X, you should check out the band Frenchy. I believe their two albums are on the Dionysius label.
Imagine torchy vocals like these, accompanied by xylophone and East Bay Ray's guitar. wizardry.

Mr. Trashe dijo...

Yes, i've listened those band

John Trashe