lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Les Sexareenos "14 Frenzied Shakers"

The second album of this great garage trashy band, this record is like a continuation of his first album "Live! In The Bed".
Les Sexareenos is a canadian band, two of them members (Bridge Mixture & Colonel Lingus) were in other band: "The Spaceshits", but they decided to form other project: Les Sexareenos with:

Colonel Lingus: bass, vocals
Choyce: guitar, vocalsNoamnm
Rumnyun: drums, vocals'Work With Me'
Annie: farfisa, vocals
Édouard Larocque: appears on "Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Uncle Willy)".

At the first, this album was recorded by themselves in Montreal with a friend, they tried to recorded with a guy that recorded great garage cult bands like The Sonic and The Wailers, The Kingsmen, but don't work it, but the guy was crazy and them don`t play so good. At the end they decided record the album in Seattle.

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Les Sexareenos are my fave Canadian band ever.

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Great Blog Mate!!

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Buen blog.¿Se pueden aportar discos de alguna manera?

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Pues la manera de aportar discos es que tu subas el archivo comprimido ya sea en winzip o winrar, y subir el link ya a, a mediafire o a cualquier servidor de este tipo.

saludos y gracias por tu interes.

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