lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

Eternally Yours "24 Bands play The Saints"

One of the first records that i have of The Saints. I did not know anything about The Saints, but thanks to this record i began to interest me for this great band. Of Course everyone who likes punk rock, necessarily must have listened to this great australian band.

I dare to say that The Saints is one of the better punk rock bands that have existed, like Ramones, The Buzzcocks, Damned, The Clash, Minor Threat or any cult band that seventies ends and principles of the eightys.
In this album you can listening a lots of goods punk rock, garage punk and trashe bands. Enjoy...........
Demolition Girl - Nomads [Sweden]
Wild About You - Scratch Bongowas [US]
Lost & Found - Phantom Rats [Japan]
Big Hits On The Underground - Challenger 7 [Australia]
Run Down - Mono Men [US]
Know Your Product - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors [Germany]
Orstralia - Bazooka [Sweden]
Private Affair - Safety Pins [Spain]
Messin' With The Kid - Jeff Dahl [US]
Do The Robot - Spent Idols [US]
Kissin' Cousins - The Lunkheads [UK]
L-I-E-S - Onyas [Australia]
No Time - Pussy Crush [UK]
Lipstick On Your Collar - Switch Trout [Japan]
Story Of Love - Bittersweets [Norway]
I'm Stranded - Fifi & The Mach 3 [Japan]
Wild About You - Basement Brats [Norway]
One Way Street - Gamma Men [US]
Erotic Neurotic - X-Rays [UK
(I'm) Misunderstood - Nashville Pussy [US]
This Perfect Day - Sator [Sweden]
Nights In Venice - Bellrays [US]
Everything's Fine - Ed Kuepper [Australia]
Demolition Girl - Campus Trampus [UK]

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Thanks for all the good music on your blog ...
and A big THANK for this Saints Tribute...I have searched to buy this cd for so long ...
Could it possible, please, to have a 320 kbps version of this one with scans of the booklet & cd ?