lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

The Quadrajets "Alabama Hip Shake"

At present is more known to The Immortal Lee County Killers that The quadrajets, which is a previous band formed by guitarist Chetley "Cheetah" Weise (formerly of Quadrajets) and drummer Doug "the Boss" Sherrard.
Auburn, Alabama's The Quadrajets roar out of the Deep South like a raucous, grime-encrusted rock and roll monster that's going to grab you by the throat and shake you out of your complacent musical daze.
The band takes a classic two-guitar/bass/drums setup, and explodes into spastic full-throttle hyperdrive like a freight train out of control. Singer the Cheetah's preacher-on-purple-hearts vocals and bluesy harmonica make the band's Southern-fried punk rock that much more delightfully nasty. The 'Jets -- currently comprised of the Cheetah, bassist Catfish Plate, drummer J.R.R. Tokken, and guitarists Roman Hardwick P.I. and Jerome J. Jerome -- have weathered the loss of almost as many drummers as Spinal Tap in making their Blue Cheer-influenced whiskey- and amphetamine-fueled mayhem over the last half-decade. They've put out four full-lengths during that time, including 2000's When the World's on Fire, featuring "All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead" and "Light Speed Kings."

Jesse Ashlock
Los Quadrajets es una banda formada por un miembros de otra gran agrupación del denomidado genero "Blues-punk": Los Immortal Lee County Killers, Chetley "Cheetah" Weise (miembro de Los Quadrajets) and drummer Doug "the Boss" Sherrard.

Desde Auburn Alabama sale un rugido procedente de los estados del sureste de norteamerica. La mugre incrustó el monstruo del rock and roll que te agarrá por la garganta y te sacude de tu aturdimiento musical complaciendo se así mismo.

Los Quadrajets es una banda de dos guitarras bajo y batería, que estalla en el espástico a toda marcha del hyperdrive como un tren de carga fuera de control. Cheetah es el vocalistal cantante y encargado de la armónica de los corazones púrpuras, y de blues que hace punk sureño y le da a la banda ese sonido maravillosamente sucio.
Escuchen a esta gran banda...........y disfruten de más rawk & roll.

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Pudd (Catfish Plate) of the Quadrajets here- I didn't have a copy of this anymore. Many thanks for sharing!

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