martes, 9 de octubre de 2007

Betty Page "Danger Girl"

Only for lounge lovers!!!!!! if you don't like it or don't know, taste it, you'll like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Betty Page was a one pin-up models more beautiful, evil and dangerous. Bettie was done famous in diverse popular publications of the epoch such as "Eyeful", "Beauty Parade" or "Wink".
In 1955 she received "Miss Pinup Girl of the World" prize, in january of this same year, she was the playmate of this mont in the Playboy magazine.
Irvin Klaw and Bonny Yeager were the photographers that made Betty a sadomasochistic model and taking its best-known pictures.
But Betty Page was a confused woman, in 1958 she married with a Armand Walterson a fundamentalist Christian, and then later that her marriage she disappeared of public life and she joined to "Decence League", fuck........
Here a one of three records of burlesque music that compilate the songs with which Betty Page danced......enjoy

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Mr. Trashe dijo...

Anónimo dijo...

Hey, that was VERY GROOVY, thanks for sharing. Has anything like this ? with girl or without?

would be great.


Mr. Trashe dijo...

You can taste this:

For Bettie page there are two albums like this: Jungle Girl and Private Girl, I have it.

If you are insterested let me know and i'll post it.


Apani dijo...

Thank you for this! Very groovy! Would love to hear the other 2 albums!