lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

Estrus Cocktail Companiom

One of better Estrus label compilations. This was a first of samples that i heard it of this great label.

I like very much this Gem because this work compilates (in mostly of cases) good songs of many important estrus (surf or garage) bands like:

Man Or Astroman?, Teengenerate, The Mortals, Girl Trouble (very great instrumental version of "A Shot in The Dark" with a movin' sax), The Apemen (delicious surf), The Makers, Jackie and the Cedrics (deliciuos surf include), Southern Culture On the Skids, Jack o' Fire (very, very good soul!!), Satan Pilgrims, The Cowslingers and The Del-Lagunas (good version of "Intoxica").

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